Moral Therapeutic Deism

What is the dominant worldview in our culture?

Group of young people have meditationIf you were to survey those in academia – i.e. college professors and their ilk – you would likely conclude that the dominant worldview is Naturalism or one of its offspring, like Existentialism or Postmodernism. These views tend to have in common that the matter of the universe is all there is – the universe exists as a closed system. There is no God.

But on a popular level, it seems such a worldview has not taken hold (yet).

I believe the dominant worldview in our culture is called “Moral Therapeutic Deism.” 

We need to pay attention to this. So let’s dive in. [Continue reading]



We spent many years in Louisville, KY, while I was doing MDiv and PhD work at Southern Seminary. While we were there we got involved with a new church plant being led by fellow student Daniel Montgomery. Though it started pretty small, today Sojourn … [Continue reading]