The Green Ember: A Review

The Green EmberI almost put it down after the first page or two. Did I really want to read a story about rabbits?

That would have been a mistake. Because these rabbits have swords, and this is more than a children’s book.

I came upon The Green Ember when it was on sale at Amazon and bought it because I thought it might be a good book for the kids. When I saw reviews that mentioned words like “Narnia” I was intrigued. Would this book deliver?


The Green Ember is S.D. Smith’s story of a fanciful rabbit kingdom whose former glory was a bittersweet memory for some and a bedtime tale for others. The plot centers around the unexpected adventures of two young rabbits named Picket and Heather, a brother and sister whose story is intertwined with a larger story in ways they never imagined.

emberWhen their seemingly idyllic and obscure world is suddenly turned upside down Heather and Picket find themselves in the middle of a wild, confusing, and desperate adventure. They are launched into the center of a struggle for the soul and future of a kingdom they had barely known existed.

It’s a gripping adventure and a beautiful story. I honestly found it very difficult to put this book down (I stayed up way too late a couple nights). This children’s book captivated this adult reader.

It’s a story with wild chases, unfolding mystery, tenacious hope, costly betrayal, epic battles, and plenty of imagination. Discerning readers will recognize that the story flows from an imagination that is rooted in a biblical worldview, but fortunately Smith is not preachy or cheesy about it.

As the story unfolds, there are nuggets of wonderful spiritual insight that will hopefully lead you to consider what it means to long for and live in the tension of the already/not yet Kingdom of God. The Mended Wood beckons.

So go get this book now!

You won’t regret it. I will absolutely give The Green Ember to my kids. It would likely be perfect for reading aloud as a family too, if you’re into that. (There’s an audio version as well).

Bottom line: Children and adults alike will enjoy The Green Ember (and wait eagerly for the sequel).

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