God, Conciousness, and Random Physics Experiments

This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read:

Several prominent physicists are right now suggesting that our universe is a simulation, a physics experiment created by a vastly superior race of beings who inhabit a higher dimension. (Source)

I mean, seriouslyThese are presumably brilliant physicists. 

Here’s the context: There seems to be ample evidence that the physical laws governing the universe had to be instituted by some higher Architect. The article cited is arguing that the existence of consciousness is itself something that physics (and science, generally) has yet to come to grips with. 

So, to summarize, there are evidently prominent physicists who, at some level, have come to the conclusion that there may be reason to believe that there is a higher intelligence behind the laws of the universe that they’re exploring. Someone/thing who wrote the laws of physics:

This gets to the Creator behind the very laws of physics. How was the framework of quantum mechanics created in the first place? Who selected and fine-tuned the cosmological constants to support the formation of stars? How was the framework of dark matter and dark energy engineered?

Those are good questions. The article (and it’s not exactly easy reading) doesn’t come to the conclusion that these questions necessarily lead to a belief in the Christian God. But they certainly don’t lead one to believe in atheistic Naturalism either. (And, to be clear, I have no idea what the author believes about these things.)


My point, though, is to emphasize again that there are purportedly prominent physicists (admire the alliteration) who theorize that our universe is a big physics experimented being conducted by some higher race of beings? 

That, to me, is further evidence of the lengths to which some people will go to avoid the uncomfortable conclusion that there is a God. Because, let’s be honest, concluding that God exists is uncomfortable — because that raises a whole host of other questions.

Like… we might find ourselves accountable in some ways to that God. We might find that there are unpopular, politically incorrect moral realities that we have to do something about. Suddenly we may realize that what we do, the choices we make, actually matter. And this makes unbelievers uncomfortable.

On the other hand, to those who believe in the God of the Bible and the Gospel, will realize that this realization brings hope. It is a positive, hopeful thing that we matter. It is a freeing thing to realize that there is a point and a purpose to the universe. And it ultimately freeing, of course, to have been reconciled to this God through His son.

Count me among those more at peace with the idea of a universe created by God with purpose rather than a random experiment of some mysterious higher race. What about you?

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